General Authority for Animal Welfare

A vision to drive awareness and massive change for animal rights in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We continue to support the transformation occurring in the Kingdom, and hope that the voice of the animals will not be forgotten as it continues its bold journey towards 2030.

Our vision is for Saudi to be the GCC leader in animal rights, on equal terms with the world’s largest economies in terms of how they treat their animals. Within 12 months, our plan will see Saudi Arabia placed within the global Top 20 nations in the sector. By 2030 we foresee a $1.5 bn new local employment market for animal care and welfare.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that how we treat our animals is a direct reflection of how civilized our society is, and for this reason we should put the proper treatment of animals as a top and central priority of Saudi Arabia as it positions itself as a G20 leader. As Saudi Arabia’s people see unfathomable freedoms and rights granted on a monthly basis, we aim to bring those rights to the animals of the Kingdom.

This granting and maintaining of rights to animals is not just a statement of progress by the Saudi state but will bring with it a whole new sector of support from the international community.

For what will be a move with limited if any local downsides, the international benefits will be exponential. As Saudi Arabia aims to win over the world “one mind at a time”, this animal rights program will immediately bring the minds of tens of millions. A passionate belief in the rights of animals is a global a-political fundamental. It unites those with opposing views, differing national interests and conflicting economic priorities. In many ways, it is the sole global movement that has no political or economic downside to adherence and implementation.

Saudi Arabia has the opportunity to quickly step forward to lead the GCC in the granting of these rights, and in the process win immediate worldwide acclaim. This can be achieved almost immediately, with only positive repercussions for the nation and its people.

We propose to create a body to oversee and guarantee the welfare of animals in the Kingdom, created by royal assent and funded by both the state and private donations. We have a working template example project in the form of the Riyadh Animal Shelter and can have the program running and with the highest level of international patronage within months.

Recently the Saudi Humane Society was established, though has minimal profile with few programs actioned. Our proposed General Animal Welfare Society sits under the Saudi Humane Society and we will oversee its swift development and the adoption of its tenates. This follows on naturally from the signing of the 2018 GCC Animal Welfare Act, but with a far more wide-reaching and powerful message, and eventually a proper policing of its guidelines. Through a unique blend of public and private patronage, the initiative will be relatively inexpensive for the state to implement and at the same time encourage a groundswell of public charitable support and participation.