Xanadu Flora

Started as a vertical within Xanadu Group, Xanadu Flora was launched at the desire of Colin Rhys to cultivate the rarest plants on earth and install them into his various real estate development projects giving his gardens a truly one-of-a-kind presence.

Xanadu Flora also created a vertical garden installation which is the fourth-largest garden in the United States. See the video below to learn more about its construction.

Xanadu flora quickly become the leader for rare plant specimens and their signature Succulent Tapestries began popping up around LA. See a video below on one of the larger tapestries that was undertaken.

Not all Xanadu Flora’s projects were massive installations, and with a constant desire to give back to the community, Colin Rhys would often donate one of the tapestries to a community in need. Here is a smaller tapestry that was done as a philanthropic effort to brighten up a busy street corner.

Xanadu Flora was also responsible for some of the most iconic pools constructed in Los Angeles. Inspired by the pools of Hearst Castle, Colin Rhys pushed the limits of pool design to develop what would become known as Architectural Wonder Pools. See a video below that highlights one of the pols undertaken by Xanadu flora.