Island 4.0

This Vision was commissioned by a government client looking to activate a collection of undeveloped islands. The project was centered around world class architecture and a sustainable technology incubator as the backbone to drive zero foot print development.

Launching Abu Dhabi’s newest Vision Brand to establish the most innovative, and worlds leading Eco-Tourism destination. By combining three interlinked strategies an island community will be developed and grown into a strong branded proposition that will create high value jobs, tap into new sources of non-oil income and build a new branded contemporary narrative.

Linking the three platforms of sustainable development, eco-tourism and agri-tech creates a powerful new convergence of cutting-edge commercial possibilities and a model for international export for Abu Dhabi's allies and partner nations.

The Resort Will Sit at the Intersection of Sustainability, Luxury, Innovation

The resort master plan and human experience is developed by Bjarke Ingels Group. Using pre-fab construction for minimal environmental impact and expedited project delivery and being Managed by a boutique world class hotelier.Focused on wellness & healthy living while maintaining a strong program of global wellness experts visiting for residences and workshops. The hotel will partner with Folia to develop a world renowned plant based menu any carbon footprint created will be offset by Mangrove Planting Program.

Creating a living laboratory for 4th generation technologies that can be applied to the operational model of the resort and support it’s mandate to be a sustainable and self sufficient resort.

Technologies that somehow could benefit the island will be welcomed and tested in the accelerator program Pilot programs will be developed out of the accelerator to test and implement on the island.

The island will work with necessary govt stakeholders to create the proper regulatory environment for these new technologies to be tested and scaled.

The islands strategy represents an opportunity to incubate the concept and be able to scale and replicate the model for economic development for some of its partner nations and strategic allies. Island strategy to be adapted to suit the economies of specific nations with the ability to dial up technology, agriculture, eco- tourism or other sectors. Co-creating and adapting a model anchored in the Islands 4.0 concept will be offered by Abu Dhabi to client governments. Global positive press to Brand UAE, further cementing its position as a leader in developing new technology.