Vision for Asir

This Vision was commissioned by a government client who was interested to activate a newly developing agriculture and sustainable tourism region.

To maximise Asir's agricultural and produce based heritage to both redevelop and re-energise its farming production, drawing on 21st century agri-tech and to also use the re-emergence of its farming and land-based culture as a contributor to the development of an unique, sustainable eco-tourism model.

We Created interrelated tourism and agriculture brands that connect together to highlight the best of Asir and also appeal to food consumers looking for trusted suppliers and to bold, imaginative and curious travelers who are looking for new and rewarding experiences “off the beaten track”. The Asir brand integrates with new brand platforms emerging in the Kingdom including Al-Ula, Neom, Amaala, Al- Qadiya and taps into an appeal to international and regional investors, visitors and potential local and international produce/food customers.

The new Asir brands would be specifically designed to j and support the Kingdom’s overall vision to position itself as dynamic, exciting, modern and rapidly changing.

Greal Walk of Asir:

The Great Walk of Asir was a project commissioned by a government client to reinvigorate and repurpose an ancient pilgrimage route from Yemen heading north towards the Holy Sites of Mecca and Madinah passing as it does through the spectacular scenery and landscapes of the mountains and valleys of Asir and Al Soudah.

It’s proposed to create refreshed and marked hiking trails for visitors to follow parts of the route and to be able to relax in high quality accommodation along the way. The routes will be sensitively rebuilt where necessary and graded for grades of severity for hikers and mountain bikers. The Great Walk of Asir will be inspired by some of the world’s best mountain resort locations including the European Alpes, the National Parks of the US, he adventure tourism of New Zealand and the Garden Route drives of South Africa, California, and Australia.

Grown in Asir:

A new brand commissioned by a government client, designed to communicate the qualities of the Asir region as a producer of consistently high-quality farm produce, originated from an ancient farming heritage and revitalized by technology for today’s consumers.

The visual appeal of Asir lends itself to a narrative that draws on its history and its people and can connect with the food industry and through to consumers. As the thinking develops the core areas of produce will emerge and will feed into the wider narrative that the Grown in Asir brand will communicate and a new market for export globally can be developed on the back of this new brand recognition.