Omakase Fruit

Developed for a restaurant group in Saudi Arabia, Omakase Fruit was the first foyer into F&B experiences that Colin Rhys has developed.


By honoring the ancient Japanese tradition of Omakase, combined with the deep respect for couture/luxury fruit, Shinrai will deliver the worlds first Omakase Fruit experience.

While modest in its approach, Shinrai will only use the finest products and suppliers to deliver an iconic gastronomical journey. With an initial focus on short term pop-ups in strategic and UHNW locations, the brand will continue to grow and begin offering Omakase fruit as home and event based service.

By providing a healthy yet luxurious desert experience, Shinrai will tap into the growing trend of those looking for the healthy alternative while also seeking out new and unique experience.

It will expose a market relatively focused on gift giving to a brand new approach for sending exclusive yet unique gifts to friends and family.

It will develop the market for luxury fruit across the gulf as it captures the attention and tastes of key influencers and decision makers.

Key Elements:

  • Inside an intimate bespoke space designed by pre-eminent architect Nendo & BIG
  • Custom flatware designed by Japanese National Living Treasure Kakurezai Ryuichi
  • Utilizing luxuriously designed chopsticks to handle the supple fruit designed by Christofle
  • Menu Designed by legendary chef Jiro Ono, Mitsuhiro Araki and Noma
  • Surrounded by ikebana installations designed by one Japanese Ikebana artist Toshiro Kawase and Akane Teshigahara
  • Guests will sit on stunning furniture designed by legendary George Nakashima
  • Ceramic Centerpiece by iconic Akiyama Yo
  • Menus will be burned into handmade Japanese paper and will feature a haiku/ poem to represent the courses for that day.

Why It Makes Sense for KSA & GCC

  • High net worth individuals
  • Seasonal shop can move with KSA seasons
  • Non-alcoholic based society looking for post dinner entertainment Gift giving society
  • Large youth population seeking something different
  • Appreciation for sweeter fruits Appreciation for luxury goods

On the back of the very successful visit by Shinzo Abe to Al Ula in 2019 and to honor his memory and love for the kingdom, we have selected this year's winter at Tantora festival as our first extended pop-up of Shinrai. We hope this project will further cement the great relationship between the two countries, while also highlighting the opportunities for investment in the kingdom. Shinrai will be a further proof point for vision 2030 providing a beacon for tourism and a diversified economy.