Royal Warrants


A vision developed to implement the best practices of Uk royal warrants and apply them in a localized manner with the crown princes private affairs office and ministry of culture.

A new brand mark will be created which celebrates those Saudi products and services that are supplied to the Royal Households of HM The King and HRH The Crown Prince.

The Royal Warrant is a brand mark that suppliers are invited to display on their packaging and marketing materials. It becomes a sign of prestige and exclusivity to be awarded a Royal Warrant and over time becomes a cultural icon.

The selection committee is established with an annual meeting for review of proposed products, and a Royal Warrant Holders Association is formed and run by the Ministry of Culture. A large benefit will be held annually to recognize and present the recipients for outstanding products.

We identified the Royal Warrants program would be an accelerator for several pillars of vision 2030 including:

  • Cultural Promotion
  • Job Creation
  • Entrepreneurship Economic Stimulation
  • Community Engagement
  • High-Level Recognition